Welcome to MakingMusic-NorthEast.co.uk. We’re a blog dedicated to the art of making music. We love music. Love everything about it. Music really is life. And we strongly believe that sharing the insights into making great music will only help to propel the world further into innovation and cultural expansion.

We want everyone to make music. Imaging how beautiful that would sound. There is no bad song. No bad music. Just sound. Noise

Noise is good.

And we’re all about noise.

So keep it real, you know the deal. We make music, music that we feel.

You should too.

Rhyming is fun.

Anyways, back to the about us.

If you don’t know who we are that’s because we just burst onto the online music scene. We were unknowns and likely still are. But hey if you’re reading this right now then, well.. You know us. So we’re not exactly unknown are we?

Stay tuned and keep your ears open for some of our great shares. We’re going to share with you some GREAT videos and posts about making music, music production, the music business, singing, playing instruments and much much more.

Hope you like!